City Gate Group

Methodology and Mission Statement

We make visions become reality by setting goals, implementing great ideas and recognizing purpose, passion and processes.

• Passion • Talent • Applied Excellence • Transparency • Integrity
City Gate Property Group considers all the information in the equation, along with innovative ideas and concepts, to achieve owners’ goals and the best results.

Knowledge of owners’ or investors’ goals
  • Identify needs
  • Hear expectations
  • Communicate
Diverse knowledge of the marketplace
  • Ability to respond to changing environments
  • Use of research engines that provide facts and data
  • Assess people, product, price and promotion

Property operations
  • Hire exceptional staff and pay them well
  • Practice proactive management
  • Provide a rewarding atmosphere and nurture a spirit of fun
  • Connections with vendors and contractors
  • Seek out suppliers with the best cost savings
  • Acquire and maintain relevant alliances help accomplish goals
City Gate Property Group encourages an environment where the entrepreneurial spirit can flourish.
  • Identifying associates’ passions and purpose while finding the right position for them to produce job satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Identifying core strengths and constraints and utilizing that knowledge to solve systemic issues
  • Nurturing the spirit of growth and accomplishment
  • Creating convergence seekers
City Gate Property Group operates on the principle of the Golden Rule. We believe in doing, not just hearing. We say what we are going to do and then we act on it.
  • Transparency through communication
  • Partnership mentality
  • Honesty: What we know, you know
  • Accurate and timely financial reporting
  • Emphasis on communication
  • Training to develop the highest caliber team members
  • Attracting and retaining top performers through comprehensive benefits, salary and rewards and by creating an environment conducive to growth and advancement
  • Leading-edge technology
  • Getting results

Meet the Team

Dawn Waye, CPM
G. Patrick Smits
Sonia Strickland
Senior Vice President of Operations
Lana G. Hill, CAPS
Vice President of Operations

Andrew Pickel, CFA
Finance Director
Golden Shaver
Marketing & Training Director
Jenny Rosario
Financial Services Manager
Erica Briggs
Executive Admin